Association work

Together. Active. Networked.

Association work

EBERLE is an active member of VDFI, the association of the German spring industry, contributing to various standards committees and working groups involved in the areas of material development, power springs and stamped-bent parts.
As a member of the KERN-LIEBERS group of companies, we are part of a global network.

Participation in the work of associations takes place across the entire group. Eberle has very good experience with cooperation on a range of technical and organizational issues, both in terms of solving problems and the implementation of common objectives with respect to business partners.

With the two product areas of power springs and stamped-bent parts, Eberle undertakes activities on behalf of VDFI, the association of the German spring industry, while also making a creative contribution to various research projects at a number of colleges and universities.

In the region, Eberle is a participant of the district administration's business pool, and as one of the largest employers in the city of Schwabmünchen, we are a valued partner of the municipal council.

Internationally, we also work with local institutes for the implementation of approvals, the promotion of young talent and the development of our suppliers. One example of this is our joint development of a rope tensioner with the Chinese Ministry of Railways.