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Apprentice exchange programm with KERN-LIEBERS China

Two EBERLE trainees worked four weeks with KERN-LIEBERS China.



Two EBERLE Trainees from Schwabmünchen had the unique opportunity to spend four interesting and exciting weeks as part of an exchange program for trainees within the Kern-Lieber Group at the Chinese KERN-LIEBERS factory in Taicang near Shanghai.

In the first week, the aim was to get to know the local DAWT (German Training Center for Tool Mechanics Taicang), and together with the Chinese apprentices, carry out complex turning and milling work on highly modern machines.

 The following three weeks’ tasks were intensified and the trainees were able to use their knowledge gained during EBERLE's training as a tool mechanic directly in the EBERLE manufacturing division of Taicang. High-precision stamped-bend parts (cylindrical bodies, free-forms and striker) and sophisticated heavy springs (for example hose reels) are produced in Taicang. In addition to the assembly and repair of tools, the task was to measure parts and to carry out corresponding test reports.

On two additional days, they also gained further insight into other manufacturing processes for the production of wire springs and fine stamping.

Exciting tasks - especially when you do not speak the same language and communicate in English!

But, of course, it wasn’t just about the work of a tool mechanic, they were able to gain insight into the Chinese way of working and the daily routines of their Chinese colleagues. Outside of the factory they also had a lot of fun during trips and city tours together with their Chinese hosts.

The two agree - it was an exciting experience with many positive impressions as well as a great opportunity allowing them to enrich their training.

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EBERLE apprentice with their colleagues from KERN-LIEBERS China
EBERLE trainees staying together with some colleagues of KERN-LIEBERS China in front of the factory
EBERLE trainees in the middle of 30 DAWT trainees
EBERLE trainees staying together with the KERN LIEBERS China trainers in the factory
EBERLE trainees together with their Chinese hosts in front of a lake
EBERLE trainees at the waterfront of Shanghai