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Excursion of trainees

Employees of EBERLE und EBERLE Rieden spend together an outdoor weekend nearby Füssen


21 Employees of EBERLE and EBERLE Rieden spend, together with their trainers and members of the management, an outdoor weekend nearby Füssen. 

The future toolmaker and industrial management assistance visited the city of Füssen before walking to the Fritz-Putz-Hütte. With the aim to know each other better, teambuilding activities were planned, e.g. common cooking of “Kässpatzen”, a local specialty, team games and not least the maintenance of an walking path section.


Trainees from EBERLE and EBERLE Rieden stay in front of the towngate of Füssen
After spending a night in a mountain hut, EBERLE trainees looking forward to another excinting day.