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Inauguration of the new production hall

Eberle Rieden GmbH invests 8 million in the Rieden location and sends a clear growth signal.


Rieden am Forggensee, 23 July 2014: The KERN-LIEBERS group of companies, headquartered in Schramberg in the Black Forest, Germany, inaugurates its new production hall and the newly-built 5,000 square meter facility for logistics and production. In two construction phases over a one-year period, an ultramodern warehouse for goods receipt and issue was built, including a mobile rack system, a two-storey factory hall, and offices and recreational areas. Modern building and plant engineering have created the ideal working conditions for the 170 employees at the Rieden location and laid the foundation for future growth. As in the existing building, the new hall is equipped with a ventilation system that recovers waste heat from the machines to preheat the room air on cold days.

In accordance with the principles of lean management, Eberle Rieden features optimized material flow, with a mobile rack system in the goods receipt and goods issue warehouse and automated material handling between the two floors in the factory hall.

In the planning and implementation of the extension, there was a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental protection. In line with the German Renewable Energies Heat Act, the new building meets the requirement of the 2009 Energy Saving Ordinance.

The new photovoltaic system generates 400,000 kWh of electricity per year, equivalent to about one-third of power consumption at the location. 87% of the energy generated in the first two months was used for internal consumption, with the remainder being fed into the public grid.

Gerhard Schöll, Technical Director: “As a supplier to the automotive and electrical industries, we operate in a global market. To stabilize our success, around 8 million euros were invested in the extension and the new facilities in the past year. The fact that the management of the KERN-LIEBERS group has agreed to this investment in Rieden and is building at our location represents both a challenge and a motivation for me and for my staff.”

Dr. Udo Schnell, CEO of KERN-LIEBERS, confirmed in his speech that the group has confidence in the long-term competitiveness of the Rieden location, in its staff and in the continued market potential, and recalled the company's history: “We are a family company with a tradition going back 125 years. Our main focus is on springs and stamped parts and we manage the company on the basis of five global business units, each responsible for its own results. In our efforts to place the company on the broadest possible footing, to diversify ourselves to a high degree in terms of markets, customers and products, the stamped-bent parts and heavy power springs business unit, to which this plant in Rieden belongs, plays an intrinsically important strategic role. With a turnover of around 20 million euros, Eberle makes a vital contribution to the economic success of the group.”

As a globally positioned company with 50 manufacturing facilities on four continents, KERN-LIEBERS relies on a strong home base in Germany. Of the approximately 6,600 employees around the world today, around 3,300, in other words about 50%, work in Germany.

Deputy head of Bavaria's Ostallgäu district authority Dr. Hermann Seiderer also sees the expansion in Rieden as “good news” for the region. The expansion not only reinforces the company's market position, it also rewards the efforts made by the district authorities.
For Max Streif, mayor of the municipality of Rieden am Forggensee, the 2007 decision to locate the company in what was then a conservation area was in retrospect a step in the right direction. “People have the right to work in the area in which they live. I am pleased that we are today celebrating the expansion of Eberle Rieden.”

Bild: Oliver Sommer

Bild: Uwe Claus