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Project partner for the utg research project “Optibend” for stamping and bending technology

The focus: Improved predictability of process-related spring-back stretched length for stamped-bend parts to reduce the time of tool implementation for stamping and bending technology


Actual stamping and bending design is done without checking the influence of the stroke rate. Empiric calculation models or experiences are the basic knowledge to find elastic spring back of bending parts and strip layout. Check out of tools and fitting of tool dimensions is happening at very low stroke rates. Later increase of  production speed leads often to geometrical changes of the product caused by the change of spring back. 

The research project wants to reach an improvement of the calculation opportunities of the spring back and strip layout at stamping and bending products to reduce the checkout time of tools. Systematical research of different parameter sensitivity like bending angles and radii beside  different raw materials, strip widths and rolling directions was done.   

The research results allowed the creation of a meta model to calculate the spring back for the research tool which is giving the quick calculation opportunities for the spring back.

Optibend research project together with utg
Optibend research project at EBERLE
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