A complete service, from analysis to manufacturing.

Springs and assemblies

Benefit with Eberle from our in-depth expertise as a supplier of high-quality and cost-effective spring systems and from our decades of experience in the development and implementation of assemblies for every aspect of your spring solution.

We are happy to take care of:

  • Complete assembly development with single or multiple spring solutions
  • Spring-optimized design coordination and joint development of components in collaboration with your suppliers (housings, axes, safety and assembly elements etc.)
  • Selection of suitable component suppliers with technical experience in springs
  • Development of competitive semi and fully automated manufacturing and assembly processes for springs and assemblies
  • Installation of our springs in your assemblies

We develop and manufacture all assemblies and spring solutions to the most modern production and quality standards, which we can adjust and customize to your specific needs wherever required.

Assemblies for cable and hose retractors

Centered around the spring as a drive element, we plan, develop and assemble assemblies for the convenient and smooth retraction of cables or hoses to your specific requirements.

Our range of services include custom-made all-in spring solutions and subassemblies for use in everything from household appliances to high-end industrial applications.

Assemblies for rope retractors with power springs

The spring serves as the drive for a pulley and actuates a retraction mechanism for reeling in a hose at gas pumps.

The pulley with the integrated power spring is shipped by EBERLE fully assembled and ready for installation by the customer.

Assembly for garage door drives with springs

In this assembly, EBERLE spring technology is used as a counterbalance for rolling doors.

Here again we offer you design and assembly solutions from the subassembly to the finished spring system.

Assemblies for actuators with springs

In the area of actuators, the spring is responsible for the voltage-independent actuation of smoke and heat vents in building services engineering for fire protection purposes.

The assembly solutions used in this sector, developed in-house, represent a good expression of EBERLE's far-reaching development expertise. All assembly steps have been fully automated:

  • Center axis
  • Mount safety cover
  • Swaging safety cover to housing
  • Pretension spring
  • Secure spring pretension
  • 100% inspection integrated into the process (good/bad discharge, camera inspection, 3D scanning etc.)
  • Automated packaging to customer requirements (small container, blister, cardboard box etc.)

We plan, develop and assemble your complete starting mechanisms and their subassemblies for starting gasoline engines.

In the patented EBERLE retractor system, a multi-spring assembly is used to tension the overhead contact lines on electrified railway lines. With its parallel connected power springs, this tensioning system can be used to generate different extension lengths and tensile forces up to 36 kN.

This is an in-house solution developed autonomously by EBERLE, a project that represents an impressive reflection of the full range of services offered by Eberle:

  • Market analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Prototype construction
  • Testing
  • High-volume production
  • Market launch