State-of-the-art methods for customized quality

Development expertise

For the implementation of your project using spring and stamping and bending technology, build on EBERLE's expertise as a competent partner, from the initial idea through to high-volume production of stamped-bent parts or strip and power springs.

Take advantage of more than 175 years of EBERLE expertise to realize your visions. We would like to support you in your product development right from the initial idea.

You will benefit from our focus on the economic feasibility of your product idea. From the development stage on, we use our modern manufacturing technologies to reduce your idea to a common denominator.

The sooner you include us in your projects using spring and stamping and bending technology, the more you will benefit from:

  • Customer workshops on the development of your products
  • Advice on the choice of materials
  • Full support and joint development of components
  • Detailed design proposals
  • 3D CAD modeling and model-based proposed drawings
  • FEM calculations and simulations
  • Prototypes in each project phase
  • Validation of customer requirements with the latest measuring equipment

Our intensive cooperation with our customers has proven itself in many successful projects, and by minimizing development times, has paid off in "hard cash".

Let's work together and generate success with joint projects.

Modern project methods, fast decision-making processes and advanced production equipment guarantee customized manufacturing solutions tailored to your specific product.

You will benefit from the expertise of our highly qualified employees in every aspect of modern manufacturing technologies and the professional use of special tools for project and production planning. At EBERLE, you will find a partner with a pioneering production method for your stamped-bent parts or your strip or power springs.

The sooner you include us in your projects, the more you will benefit from:

  • Modern approaches to manufacturing developed in-house and tailored to your product
  • Automation technology for cost-effective production developed in-house
  • Forward-looking, integrated quality planning / APQP
  • Systematic risk management / FMEA
  • Standardized sampling and product approval / PPAP
  • Reliable introduction of manufacturing processes for your products / SLC (save launch concept)
  • In-process monitoring and documentation of important product characteristics / CAQ
  • Continuous improvement of processes, equipment and machinery / CIP

Whether it's strip springs or power springs: To give you a first impression of the performance of your proposed spring as early as the development phase, our development experts can calculate potential spring dimensions and create graphs of the spring characteristics based solely on your initial ideas. Long before the first parts have been manufactured, this will give you an idea of:

  • Dimensions
  • Forces
  • Torques
  • Flow behavior
  • Working revolutions

Right from the initial inquiry, we can therefore help and support you in achieving your goals, always keeping an eye on the best spring design to develop a customer-oriented and cost-optimized product.

One prerequisite for precision components manufactured using spring and stamping and bending technology is the use of raw materials of the highest quality. That's why we are always looking for new and better material technologies and ways to continually develop proven materials.

By working closely with material experts among our suppliers, we can incorporate technical customer requirements directly and actively into ongoing raw material developments.

The many and varied applications of your stamped-bent parts, strip springs and power springs make particularly wide-ranging demands on the materials used by EBERLE:

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Service life

Talk to us about the application you are planning for your product range and our experts will work with you to find the most appropriate use of materials.

For the development of stamped-bent parts, strip springs or power springs and for the development of new processes, we use powerful FEM calculation software. Numerical simulation gives us the ability to simulate and calculate static and dynamic processes such as:

  • Bending
  • Embossing
  • Molding
  • Drawing
  • Stamping

This allows us to use 3D models right from the design stage to simulate the stresses on the component or tool, significantly reducing product and process development costs and development times, and often making it possible to dispense with the production of expensive and time-consuming test tools and prototypes in the design phase.