State-of-the-art methods for customized quality

Special purpose machines

We develop customized special purpose machines with outstanding competence for the manufacture of strip springs and power springs and for special processes using assembly, automotive and measuring technology that can meet even the most demanding customer requirements.

  • Systems for individual customer projects
  • Special purpose machines for production
  • Semi-automated assembly workstations
  • Special tools and equipment for production
  • Flexible, fully automated finishing of assemblies
  • Process control with state-of-the-art camera technology
  • Program-controlled quick-change systems for multiple components without set-up times
  • Rotary indexing tables
  • Use of multi-axis robots
  • Laser welding systems for joining and marking
  • 100% inspection integrated into the process
  • Packaging or palletizing systems for the packaging of components according to customer requirements (mall container, blister, cardboard box etc.)

Testing machines for 0-error solutions:

  • Part-specific fully automatic testing systems for 100% inspection of various product characteristics at low cycle times
  • Sorting systems with integrated packing stations
  • Test methods in the micron range (optical, tactile, sensory etc.)

Service life test benches

  • Continuous load testing according to customer specifications
  • In-process service life testing

Torque testers

  • Production approvals
  • In-process process monitoring
  • Evaluation of spring characteristics