From design to high-volume production

Toolmaking (internal)

Whether it's compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, bent wire parts, constant force springs, induction coils or stamped-bent parts: our modern machinery and powerful technologies in combination with the tried and tested expertise of our employees and our in-house toolmaking capacities ensure high-quality and cost-effective products and reliable high-volume production no matter what the lot size.

3D design tools

We use the 3D software SOLID EDGE to create parametric models, drawings and assemblies. The tools required to produce the springs are developed, designed and built in-house at Bohnert.

The following file types are handled as standard:

  • STEP, IGES for 3D models
  • DXF for 2D models
  • Original files from SOLID EDGE and SOLIDWORKS


In-house manufacture of tools

Our toolmaking department develops and builds both stamping tools and highly complex stamping and bending tools. CAD and software tools such as collision control software support our design engineers in the creation of tools and the parts handling and integrated control systems that go with them.


Prototype tools

With water-jet or laser-cut blanks, prototype tools can be used to quickly manufacture samples of springs and stamped-bent parts that are almost ready for high-volume production.