Precision machining

Fine-tuning for everybody!

Deburring technology

Using electrochemical deburring, electropolishing, barrel finishing and brushing, SAXONIA creates a surface finish according to your specifications.

Electrochemical deburring and electropolishing

Small, thin burrs and metal particles can be removed reliably and efficiently when using electrochemical processes – even in hard-to-reach places.

Barrel finishing

Burrs that could be a problem during further processing might be created by punching and bending processes.

In order to remove these burrs and improve the quality of surfaces, SAXONIA uses different barrel finishing processes.

Our modern machinery allows us to process all products in a manner that is inexpensive, gentle and efficient.

These processes are designed according to your requirements and ensure optimal deburring, edge rounding and surface quality.


We use brushing processes to prevent damaged spots or for the efficient processing of large parts. By using different brushes – both with regard to material and shape – we create surfaces and edge roundings that meet your demands.

Industry applications