Precision Processing

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Precision Processing

A full range of processes for precision machining – the innovative solution for your specific requirements.

Laser welding

With the increasingly challenging requirements in the production of stamped-bent parts and assemblies, the use of laser welding in mass production is becoming more and more important. EBERLE is already using this joining technology in the manufacture of a wide variety of stamped-bent products.

With our expertise, we can integrate the laser welding processes directly into the stamping and bending process, guaranteeing the highest performance of production machines and extremely cost-effective production. Special requirements can be met using the special-purpose machines we have developed in-house. For the production of small batches and for the construction of prototypes, we use our specially developed laser welding cell, with which we can validate our subsequent high-volume production of stamped-bent parts. The characteristics achieved for the welds are evaluated directly in the laboratory and come close to meeting the conditions required for subsequent high-volume production.


Laser marking/labeling

The current development of standards, and the requirements of the automotive industry in particular, often require the complete and unambiguous traceability of parts – a requirement we have no trouble meeting!

With data matrix codes (DMC), for example, marking lasers can be used to integrate an almost unlimited amount of data. Laser markings can also easily withstand difficult conditions, so that the chemical and thermal stresses that frequently occur over the service life of a product have no adverse effect on the label.

Electrochemical deburring and electropolishing

Electrochemical processes can be used to remove burrs and metallic particles from stamped-bent parts reliably and economically, including areas that are hard to reach, while also meeting high residual dirt requirements and ensuring a good surface finish quality.



Stamping and bending processes create burrs and surface damage on the workpieces that cause problems during further processing or application.

To remove these burrs and improve surface finish, Eberle uses a wide range of tumbling and vibratory finishing processes.

We use our modern machinery to finish our stamped-bent parts cost-effectively, carefully and efficiently.

The work processes are designed to meet your requirements and ensure optimum deburring, edge rounding and surface finish quality.



For the deburring of stamped-bent parts with special geometric shapes and requirements, Eberle uses a range of different brushing processes. Rotating brushes in a wide variety of shapes and materials ensure that burrs are removed even from areas that are extremely difficult to reach.

  • Rotary shears for maximum flexibility
  • Customer requirements met in the shortest possible time
  • Optimized storage
  • Highest precision and quality
  • Small quantities not a problem