Spring technologies

Uncompromising quality for excellent spring technologies

Strip springs

EBERLE is a byword for continuous development in the industrial production of high-quality strip springs.

For example, EBERLE designs application-specific power springs, return springs, actuator springs and other specialty springs made of steel strip and manufactures them using modern specialized machines.

With a wide range of spring steels available, we make allowance for the specific requirements of your application in the design of your custom strip spring:

  • Spring performance
  • Service life
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Temperature resistance

Our modern in-house rotary shear cutting system ensures flexible, precision cutting of strip spring widths to meet the requirements of your application.

In addition to low-cost-cut edges, we also offer deburred or rounded edges depending on your requirements.

For applications with special dimensions, flat-rolled round wire with "mill edges" can also be used.

In addition to low-cost standard designs such as

  • 90° hooks
  • Parallel hooks

we also manufacture a wide range of special shapes with different strip spring ends on request.

We use a variety of different heat treatment methods to:

  • Reduce internal stresses
  • Increase strength
  • Optimizing service life

The "coiling" process is the main factor in determining the performance of your power spring. We can use this process to specifically influence the:

  • Spring characteristic (torque or force curve)
  • Revolutions
  • Hysteresis (flow behavior)
  • Service life

Depending on your requirements, we offer many additional processing steps for your strip springs, including for example:

  • Incorporation into assemblies (manual or automated)
  • Pretensioning using various holding systems
  • Corrosion protection as required
  • Optimization of flow properties with special greases
  • 100% inspection (automated, integrated into the process)
  • Packaging to customer requirements (e.g. small container, blister etc.)