MEDER springs: tiny champions with a big impact

Springs and spring coils for guide wires for medical applications

MEDER offers you a wide range of high-precision springs, spring coils for guide wires and wire and stamped-bent parts for medical applications. Their high level of adaptability ensures that you always receive the ideal precision parts for your requirements.


  • Wire diameter:  0.03 – 2.00 mm
  • Wire cross section: round, square, rectangular
  • Strip thickness: 0.04 – 0.80 mm
  • Strip width: 0.3 – 30.00 mm


  • Spring coils for guide wires, compression, tension and torsion springs, wire and stamped-bent parts

Special features

  • Surface treatments: electroplated coating, e.g. gold-plated
  • Materials: Stainless steels for medical applications (also with PTFE coating or hydrophilic), platinum alloys

Examples of applications

  • Guide wires for minimally invasive surgery
  • Contact parts for pacemakers or hearing aids
  • Springs for insulin pens, syringes and oncology applications
  • Springs for inhalers
  • Spring components for veterinary devices
  • Wires for stone baskets